A beginning

Welcome to this ongoing inquiry into creativity.  I want to explore with you what I have learned about the creative process in my drawings.  The thoughts and images of others will also be utilized to unpack the, or maybe better, a creative process. Your comments will contribute to the conversation as well.  Creativity, after all, is a human quality and not just one that “artists” have.  Penny Lewis says it well in Creative Transformations: The Healing Power of the Arts:

“The dance between the conscious and unconscious is choreographed in the magical place of the imaginal realm.  Here is where children play and where heroes and heroines come alive in spontaneous creative dramas.  Here is where all the creative arts emerge: painting, sculpting, singing, dancing, acting, composing, writing.  Here is where inventions spring forth and spurts of intuitive insight erupt.  Here is where a culture’s unconscious is brought forth in the form of myth, fairy tales and stories of gods and goddesses.”

You can fill out the email request below to receive notice when I post something else to the blog.  Feel free to send this blog to others as well.  Let’s travel together in this important and frequently undervalued territory of Creativity.

Oh, and by the way, along with all that Ms. Lewis mentions,  here is also where Red Knibbles nibble away!




  1. Very cool!
    Creativity for me( usually in music, but not always) is a pure realm where I get to step outside the small world of being a human..Above petty concerns and tiresome whining ART and the state of mind necessary to create it is where I like to park my car!!!!

  2. Loveit! Great idea Uncle Jared! Love the Knibbler!

  3. Jim Clark · · Reply

    Thanks for sharing the link to your site – lots of new material to discuss in our bike-psych sessions. I could bring Freud, Jung and Joseph Campbell along on a field trip to your gallery. We could wander among the dream images, archetypes and aboriginal symbols and carry on about your psyche. Our field group would be full of pompous pap. Still, that long tunnel with the labial exit at the end must have Freud spinning in his grave.
    The web site is well-designed and the gallery fantasy land is fantastic. Just wish I could go back to my wayward, chemical-hazed youth and view these in a black-lit room with “Tubular Bells” blaring on the stereo. I see an exhibition at the Kava Bar in your future.

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