Creativity: Part of life?

My brother, Jeff, made a comment that is worth including in this investigation of creativity.  He stated creativity is “stepping outside the small world of being human…above petty concerns and whining art.”  He knows something about this as a jazz guitarist for most of his life. (I don’t want to make this blog a venue for family promotion, but you can discover more about his music on his website:  His suggestion seems to imply that creativity takes one into a realm or state of being that is separate from the humdrum of life.  As interesting as this is to consider, I wonder if this reflects more on the culture one is in and the psychological make-up of the person creating than it does on creativity itself.

I remember, for example, of my visit to Jamaica some years ago.  What I witnessed there was the seamless way individuals engaged in creative activity.  Whether their art-making produced earrings, wooden sculptures, or paintings, it appeared that it was done more as a way of living life than as a special and separate part of life.  Their passage of time seemed to be artful– full of art.

Many of us in the US have studios, play music in gigs, write when we get home from the days activity.  I was going to say “get home from work” and maybe using “work” leads us into more fruitful areas of discussion than “activity.”  Creativity and Work.  Creativity and Play.  Even though I prefer to link creativity with play, I realize to do so can be misleading.  To produce creative “products” and to live creatively requires effort, intention, and lots and lots of practice.  No simple understanding here so we need to pursue this further!

Just to invite further reflection: are the Red Knibbles working or playing as they nibble away?



  1. T-winkle Heart · · Reply

    I like to make up silly names for myself starting with the letter T….it makes me smile and when I smile I know I am in the creative flow….a little red knibble, i am playing nibble away….catch me if you can…..ha,ha,ha I love you from the bottom of my tickled pink tucas. T-winkle Heart

    1. What a great comment. Love you a lot and glad to see you have some of your energy back. I hope Arrone has improved too. Thanks for looking at my blog. I am excited to see what happens with it or through it. Like loving that you call yourself T-winkle Heart and said “tickled pink tucas!”
      Love and hugs to both,

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