I have been drawing for much of my life.  First it was a lamp and squares and eyes.  That was in grade school.  Then after having many years of painting–this time, houses–and one rather bad experience in an art class in college, I began to use art materials as a way to help me understand feelings and thoughts during my journey in therapy.  From then on, I was hooked.  Art and self-understanding were connected.  So were art and self-expression.  It has only been in the last four years that I have found a studio to do my art-making in.  Prior to that, it was draw on a piece of paper and then store that drawing in a box.  Now I can let images “breathe.”  And breathe they must!   Many of them decorate my studio and line my walls.  I still do not know what to “do” with them so, in the interim, I have chosen to explore art-making and, more generally, creativity in a blog.  Where this all goes, I haven’t a clue.  In many ways, this whole endeavor is much like my process of drawing.  Just start and see what happens!


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