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To title or not to title

I am back.   Images continue to appear.  Different ones surprise and amuse me.  Others demand  more focus and direction.  I wonder whether I should put a title on them.  Let me explain. Titles on some art pieces are descriptive of what seems obvious.  To me, a painting of Jesus on the cross entitled “Jesus […]

Creative process and outcomes

I am away from my studio for the next week, but I wanted to explore briefly whether the “products” of a creative process need to be justified.  I am not exactly sure whether “justified” is the correct word here, but I think you know what I mean.  Does a creative process need an outcome?  Does this […]

Creativity or Creative Process

So one could conclude after watching the Cleese video that, like the words “love,” “soul,” and probably others, “creativity” can be described by using words that point to it but never quite capture it directly. The best we can say is that creativity looks something “like this.”  Or, creativity requires “open systems” not closed. Or, […]

John Cleese on Creativity

 I highly recommend you take 36 minutes out of your busy life to watch Monty Python humorist and cultural jester John Cleese discuss creativity.  He is funny, he is profound, he is spot-on.  Listen to recurring words like play, openness, time, curiosity.  I am reminded of something attributed to Pablo Picasso:  “Every child is an […]

Creativity: Part of life?

My brother, Jeff, made a comment that is worth including in this investigation of creativity.  He stated creativity is “stepping outside the small world of being human…above petty concerns and whining art.”  He knows something about this as a jazz guitarist for most of his life. (I don’t want to make this blog a venue […]

A beginning

Welcome to this ongoing inquiry into creativity.  I want to explore with you what I have learned about the creative process in my drawings.  The thoughts and images of others will also be utilized to unpack the, or maybe better, a creative process. Your comments will contribute to the conversation as well.  Creativity, after all, is […]